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by Petey Boy posted October 23, 2013 category Video

Well, Tom and I decided that it was time to make another beard and haircut video. It was sort of last minute again. He was visiting after just finished up a sailing trip. He had his signature long adventure hair and beard. We talked about how fun it was to make the original reverse beard and haircut video, TRIM, two years ago… and ultimately decided to give it another go.

We wanted to do the same concept but better and in a new fun way. Tom came up with the idea of the mimicking the famous Wooly Willy toys. I wasn’t sold right away. I thought it might be a bit too difficult… and I was afraid it wouldn’t be dynamic enough for the viewer. After some thought, I realized that the idea was brilliant and would be a great exercise in stop motion. So, we went to work.

We took 302 photos of Tom in various states hairful/hairless-ness then printed each frame off on an 8 x 11 piece of paper. We then placed each sheet down, one at a time, to take a photo with a hand on top. My wife was kind enough to be the hand model.

We did all the shooting over 4 days in between “real life”. That is to say, I went to my “real” job on one of those days… and we had to take care of our 5 month old and 2 year old. So, it wasn’t four days of 8 hours. It was sporadicly shooting when we could with breaks in between for feeding and so forth. Check out the Behind the Scenes video for some insight into that.

It took a few days to edit. I added some titles and links to other videos. Then on September 9th, the video went live on youtube. It gained some traction the first day had about a thousand views. Then took off the following day in a big way. With-in a week, we had a million view. Amazing.

Here are a few photos that we took during production. In addition are photos of a “million views party” that my co-workers threw for me… and also photos from an art museum exhibit that both Trim videos were featured in put on by the Morean Arts Center.

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